What is the Quality of Healthcare in Louisville, KY?

Health equity in Louisville means that everyone has the same opportunity to be healthy and reach their full potential. Unfortunately, Kentucky is lagging behind other states when it comes to providing a high-value healthcare system. A high-value system eliminates unnecessary services and administrative waste, while also charging reasonable prices. This leads to healthier communities.

At Norton Healthcare, we are devoted to equipping health professionals with the capacity to store, organize, and analyze medical data in real-time. We also integrate analysis results directly into the hospital's clinical workflow. Norton Healthcare is a leader in providing adult and pediatric care throughout the Louisville metropolitan area, Southern Indiana, Kentucky, and beyond. The Kentucky Health Care (KHC) has been dedicated to driving the value of local healthcare for over 15 years in the Louisville and Kentucky metropolitan area.

Parallon works with hospitals, health systems, and non-intensive care providers to improve their business performance through specialized services related to the revenue cycle, technology, workforce solutions, consulting, group purchasing, and supply chain. Bolder Healthcare Solutions is the parent company of several organizations that provide unique solutions for the healthcare revenue cycle. Bolder Healthcare Solutions combines experienced operational management with leading technology and specialized services to create a new tool that healthcare providers can use to improve their financial performance. For the past 15 years, KHC has been measuring the quality and transparency of healthcare through consolidated measurement reports.

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